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Are you an avid train traveller and wants to take a glimpse of all around and discover more of the country and so? Looking for an insight and more information related to Indian Railways reservation? Are you one of those who give preference to rail transport over others?

The process to book tickets in advance gets open usually in 120 days and last minute planning and booking always end up with frustration. No matter, how many days you have in advance to get the reservations, this is also true that as soon as the counter gets open, people book tickets like mad people and then all the seats get filled up at a quicker pace. The situation gets worse at the time of peak season and rush times like festivals, occasions and more and it makes it preferable to plan up everything in advance and in worst case, if anything comes at the last minute of time, you always have the option to cancel the same. If you are not that lucky to get tickets in general booking, people try to get Indian Railways reservation under Tatkal category that generally opens about a day or two in advance depending on the train. Well, if you are booking tickets under Tatkal category, it is recommended to be all ready with your laptop so that when the counter gets open, you just need to select the train and do the payment. The thing that you can always do is to have a look at the number of seats available in trains from time to time and if available, make bookings at earliest as could be possible. Do you know about the different classes and quotas of travel that passengers can opt to consider and the counter for them gets open at different intervals of time? Like, for general category, the counter opens from 8 AM to 8:30 AM, for non AC tatkal reservations, counter opens from 11 AM to 11:30 AM and for tatkal bookings, counter opens from 10 AM to 10:30 AM. Read on the following and know more about the classes of travel.Seeking for ways how to get updated information related to trains, their routes, their schedules, their movement, check out the seat available in them and so and how to get confirmed reservations and bookings in the desired train and so? Well, it has been said that if you plan everything meticulously then it could really be possible for everyone to book their tickets and stay away from any kind of trouble that could incur in between and that too at the last minute of travel. The best approach that you must think of doing initially is to plan up everything in advance related to your train travel and keep enough time to do the same. Rail journeys are certainly meant to be full of fun and cheer and people in India love to spend gala time with each other. If you take care of few things, this is for sure that you will get tickets and Indian Railways reservation within time.

  • First class AC – If you are one of them who want to take a taste of luxury and elegance, it is the perfect class in which you must travel to. The compartments are spacious and privacy is been utterly been taken care of, backed with sliding doors, allowing people to enjoy uttermost privacy. Even, personalized services are been available in the same like cloth hangers, water service bathroom, etc. It is worth to travel into.
  • Second class AC – If you are one of them who are looking for a bit of privacy and spacious compartments, definitely this class will perfectly work with the needs.
  • Third class AC – If you are travelling for an overnight journey or so and wishes to just have air conditioned facility; this class is going to work good for you. Likewise to sleeper class, it has enhanced services like AC facility, reading lights available at the top of berth for everyone to read to and the best part is that this class seat berths fill up at a quicker pace as compared to others due to their affordable prices.
  • Sleeper class – If you are travelling for more number of days and you wish to travel in train only having a tighter budget, this is definitely an option to travel to. The class do not have AC facility available and in this, three berths are there facing each other all across and the fares are thoroughly economical. The compartments are crowded, perfect for those who like to mingle up and make connections and socialize.
  • AC chair car – If you want to travel in trains for fewer hours, this is the option that you must opt for. Depending on the train journey and type, meals are either excluded or included in the same. People can always prefer to opt for e-catering or onboard food services, as per the preference.

IRCTC website is the effective and intuitive means to do Indian Railways reservations and get bookings within minutes and without putting many efforts. Along with this site, there are many other private sites as well like Travel Khana which is been into providing updated and genuine train related details and services along with primarily been engaged into offering hot, fresh and deliciously prepared food to people in running trains directly over their seat berths as per the wish at decent prices. Food provided is been done from the well known and popular food vendors and local restaurants assuring to prepare them with freshest and finest blend of ingredients and get it delivered within time. So, what are you thinking of? Savour up your taste buds, enjoy the travel, make reservations in advance and have an altogether fantabulous journey. Make sure that you get tickets in a desired class of journey. Have an access to technology; be aware of everything related to trains and their schedules and get back home with memorable moments and precious memories.


Reservation quota of Indian Railways

Want to know more about different kinds of reservation quota of Indian railways? Well, as per Indian Railways system, there are in total 19 types of quotas in the ticketing that people can avail and fall under. Wish to know about them? This post will certainly help you out in the same. The quotas as abbreviated are like GN – General Quota, LD – Ladies Quota, HO – High officials/ Head Quarters quota, DF – defence quota, PH – Parliament house quota, FT – Foreign tourist quota, DP – Duty Pass quota, TQ – tatkal quota, PT – premium tatkal quota, SS – Female (above 45 years)/ Senior citizen/ travelling along quota, HP – Physically handicapped quota, RE – Railway employee staff on duty for the train quota, GNRS – general quota road side, OS – Out station quota, PQ – Pooled quota, RC (RAC) – Reservation against cancellation quota, RS – road side quota, YU – Yuva quota and LB – Lower berth quota.

Each one of them is meant for different purpose and to have a clear understanding about them, do go through the Indian Railways reservations and know about them in detail. It is very much vital to understand about different reservation quota of Indian Railways and who can apply for them. IRCTC site is the robust and friendly platform which is very helpful in booking tickets and gets reservations and so. In all, know about them, get the tickets under relevant category and have a hassle free and convenient travel. It is important to know and get access to train schedule, train route and more and accordingly plan further up schedule.

General quota

Want to know about the General quota in Indian Railways? Well, it is for the general public that can be booked about 4 months in advance of the date of travel. The booking counter for the general quota starts in the morning at 8 AM. Aside from this, as per Indian Railways, there are 18 other quotas as well, with which it is important to be aware of and the best approach to know about them is to get an idea about everything related to Indian Railways reservations. At the time of booking reservations, having knowledge about Indian Railways reservations and relevant quotas is important and know how many seats are been allotted in the same. There is a tatkal quota as well that opens a day in advance before the train departure timing from the source station. It is best for emergency based or urgent plans. The price is higher as compared to general based quota tickets. The booking counter opens at 10 AM for AC based coaches and for sleeper class, it gets open at 11 AM. As a common person, these 2 quotas are of much help and it is always promising to be aware and know about others as well. So, know about the classes of travel, and different quotas in which you can travel and that could be benefitted for your travel and could save you some money as well. IRCTC is a beneficial and reliable platform that is the means to do bookings and know about everything related to reservations as well. Happy journey!.

Tatkal quota

Want to know about the meaning of Tatkal quota in Indian Railways reservations? As the name depicts, Tatkal refers to immediate or at the very moment or so. In Indian Railways reservations, tatkal quota is been introduced for those passengers who need to travel in some case of emergencies or on urgent basis. The booking counter gets open for them usually a day before the departure date of the train. There are other different quotas as well that are been introduced by the Indian Railways and it is preferable to have knowledge and understanding about them as well. Certainly, the fare of tatkal quota tickets are more as of general quota ones and when you open site of IRCTC, click on any particular train in which you have been planning to travel to, there you need to select the quota in which you are preferring to travel and then you will get a thought about the number of seats available, and more and if it suits, go for the bookings at its earliest. The quota was been introduced with an intention of offering services to daily based passengers and commuters who need to travel on very short notices due to some official work or family meets or anything. So, know about other quotas as well, be informed about even classes of travel and then accordingly prefer to go for the reservations. Each one of them is meant for a different purpose and it is effective to have knowledge so that you can travel with full confidence and satisfaction.

Premium Tatkal Quota

Want to know about the meaning of Premium Tatkal Quota in Indian Railways? Here, you will get an idea about the same. It has been recently introduced by the Indian Railways department with dynamic fare pricing. The advance reservation period of this new quota is same as of Tatkal ticket booking process and the dynamic fare depicts the component that could be increased with the increase in the bookings and so. The opening time for the premium tatkal quota is been allowed on or after 10 in the morning. In accord to this new quota, agents are not allowed to book tickets in the same. And for confirmed passengers, dynamic fare will be charged. The minimal premium fare for the quota covers the basic train fare along with the tatkal charges that could vary in between 10 to 30% with an upper limit all depending on the class of travel in which you are trying to book your tickets. Aside from this quota, there are many other quotas as well defined by the Indian Railways and it is always beneficial to at least aware of them so that you know your rights as well as could take advantage out of the same while booking tickets in them. So, check out the Indian Railways reservations at the IRCTC platform, be aware of different quotas and class of travel in which you can travel in and make sure that you have a hassle free and enjoyable travel.

Ladies Quota

Checking out the meaning of Ladies Quota in Indian Railways? Here, you will get some. For all those ladies who are travelling all alone or along with a child of below 3 years of age, ladies quota is specifically meant for them. The quota is present in almost all the trains that are in operational mode in Indian Railways at present. Also, it is available only in sleeper class coaches these days. Though, as per this quota, only 6 berths are available in the entire train and they all are usually together in a single coach and that’s one is mostly the first one bay next to the door. Planning to get tickets and travel in ladies quota in Indian Railways? To avail the same, you just have to book a ticket and choose the ladies quota from the quota menu at the IRCTC site where there is a dropdown menu and lots of options are there involving general quota, tatkal quota, premium tatkal quota and such. It is very easy to do, and once selected and in case the seats are still vacant, reservations will be done instantly. If the bookings need to be done via PRS counter, you can mention the same at the time of booking in the form. This quota as per the information doesn’t have anything like RAC or WL, so, when the six seats will be booked and sold out, the status reflected there will be ‘Not available’. So, avail the quota and travel safely!

Physically Handicapped Quota

Want to know about the meaning of Physically Handicapped Quota in Indian Railways? Here, you will get idea of the same. As per this quota, two sleeper class berths are been allocated and reserved under this and as per the information; they are earmarked in almost all the operational trains as of now. These 2 berths are allocated over those all trains that are running on non suburban based sections across the country and these are reserved only for handicapped people who need to travel along with in the trains. So, if you are handicapped and want to book Indian Railways reservations, book the same under this quota and avail the concession. The person who is been going to accompany the handicapped person as an escort during the travel will also be allocated the berth under this quota. If you want to travel as per physically handicapped quota, make sure to select the same at the time of booking. Aside from this, there are different other quotas as well under which people can prefer to travel and avail concession on the same like ladies quota, yuva quota, tatkal quota, premium tatkal quota, general quota, and more. It is always beneficial and effective to be aware of every one of them and make bookings at its earliest as could be possible under them to optimal the advantages of them. Get to the IRCTC platform, select the quota in which you want to travel and make your bookings accordingly. Have a safe travel!

Defence Quota

Looking online for the meaning of Defence Quota in Indian Railways? Here, you will understand about the same as well as why it is important to be aware of different quotas in Indian Railways reservations and avail the benefits. As per defence quota in the Indian Railways, defence officials, Indian armed forces, Air force personnel and Army Navy personnel and their family can get reserved seats in the same. There are few seats reserved in every class of travel including 1A, 2AC, 3AC, or sleeper class of Indian Railways and the people can book tickets in any of the train under this quota by making use of their ID cards. Indian government is been providing different kinds of facilities and services to these people and defence quota is among one of them. Is the information clear and useful? It is always good to be aware of these quotas that people can use while travelling in trains to get better seats in coaches and also avail the benefit or concession as well. There are many other quotas as well like ladies quota, yuva quota, handicapped quota, tatkal quota, premium tatkal quota, general quota and others and to get an understanding of the same, make sure to get to Indian Railways reservations and know about them within minutes. If you can avail any one of them, do make sure to mention/select the same at the time of booking tickets and the concession will reflect on the fare instantly and in case, your booking is confirmed, you will be notified of the same via mail or message.

Senior Citizen quota

Looking for a meaning of Senior Citizen quota in Indian Railways? Well, here you will get some for sure. As per this senior citizen quota, senior citizens can get confirmed lower berths in trains and after seeing the increased demands for the same too, as per department of Indian Railways, the number of berths allocated to this quota has also been increased. Earlier, two lower berths per coach is been allocated and afterwards that got increased to 6 lower berths in every coach under senior citizen quota. Don’t you think it is so helpful? Well, for all senior citizens, it is mere a boon that they can avail seating and their tickets under the same and they need to choose the quota at the time of booking reservations. Adding to this, senior citizen not only gets confirmed lower berth but also concession over the fare of the tickets. They have to carry authentic and valid identity proof at the time they have been travelling and if they are not valid by any chance, do remember that high penalty could be charged because of the wrongdoing and travelling by fake identity in the trains. There are many other quotas as well and it is always advisable to do know a bit about them so that people can make full use of them when required. To know more about other quotas applicable as per Indian Railways, do have a look at Indian Railways reservations and grab more knowledge of the same.


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